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Thinking Right or Stinking Wrong

The previous article bent on using your mind, putting it to use. But then, problem arises when we think, but wrongly, for the mind has in itself the elements of right and wrong. Take for instance, someone wants to travel out of the country to study and believes it’s the best thing to do, another believes he doesn’t have to go that far just to acquire knowledge, and someone disregard the two opinion, stating education isn’t necessary. If we call these three personnel to an interview or a debate, they will have their points and you will have a hard time judging the case. Continue reading “Thinking Right or Stinking Wrong”

The Busy Mind




The saying  “an idle hand is the devil’s workshop” has lucratively found its way into day-to-day banter, absconding the confinement of some classed axiom. A toddler always is in the habit of playing with stuffs or put anything in her mouth, heavens know what has went down the throat of many, myself inclusive, that’s just what children are. “Keep out of the reach of children” sentence won’t go into extinct as far as we have children and we desire their proper growth, since they can’t discern good from evil.

Why do parents get toys for their children? Why are their amusement parks? I believe it’s for the young child to have fun and preclude a boring life, as children loves excitements. I’m not quite certain if babies have lots going on in their mind but I see they have lots in their very hands. Take away that toy and you have a crying baby.

I won’t stand to look at a child having her own share of fun, playing with everything on the table, perhaps I could only have a high regard for her beauty and simplicity as I go my way, but I will get a chair seeing an adult doing such, for something is wrong.

Why have I been dwelling on babies?,  just want to state a clear difference of what is expected of babies and adults, “To whom much is given, much is expected”. Whether loved or hated, responsibility awaits everyone, even that little child growing, she is going to be an adult sooner. T. Harv Eker said “The only way to change your outer world is to change your inner world”. This is a true principle. If we take time to think more than we act, we will produce results far effective than imagined, it all starts from the inside.

Parents will have to think and act for their little kids, with time they think for her while the kid act herself, and then a day will come when this child fully grown must think and act for herself. Thinking can simply means just having a second thought, not necessarily taking a whole month to think of what to do in a day, but rather, making sure that everything you do is not as a result of reflex or nature, but coming down from your mind. In some cases, to think through, you will need days or a month, but what matters is you thinking through, then act, but considering the time factor. Or what is the essence of charming a snake if you let it bite you first?

You are no more a baby that wants to play around and getting excited all day long, jumping all around, eat anytime, do anything and cry, there are scores of things to think about, because there are many things to do. When I was younger, I often anticipate the future, and see it as a high tower far beyond my reach. But now I see that the future is just a second away.

As ladies and gentlemen who desire to live in peace and harmony, you’ve got to put that mind to work, there are treasures in there, it’s just a thought away. We have regretted what we say and wish we gave it a second thought and things wouldn’t have turned this bad, and other times we wished to have settled down a bit longer avoiding the pot of soup we are already in.

You may not  own a company, but if you learn how to use your mind, thinking carefully, thus acting correctly, you will make a good CEO, for anyone who learns to control and manage  his action can control and manage anything. Don’t be a baby, be an adult.


The Possibility of a Changed World (II) by Oyewo Seun Lenitas

‘Utopian’ is the least word we could describe the baby world the Almighty birthed from the womb of his hands. Everything was perfectly fitted.

The winds, the sun, the moon, the clouds etc. They all harmonized to give credit to the architectural wits of the Most high. Not long thereafter we see degeneration littering everywhere. Anarchy blossomed blossoms. Reeking, the buzzards made party as the once perfect creation made a stench to its creator.

The hyenas growled unrestrained as they claim domineering grip over what was ours. The vampire in them rising to escalating proportions. Without employing forensic experts, we could see in ‘bold, italics and capslocking ‘, the fingerprints of the devil on all of Gods’s handwork.

This fundamental flaw we trace to the first man opening his mind to the reins of the Devil. Cuddled by lies and caressed by deceit, our first parents bought into the highfalutin bargain the meticulous liar sold them and we got here. This terrestrial ball as it stands today is just the prototype of what one old prophet, the son of Amoz, wrote concerning Israel of his days, ‘from the sole of your foot to the top of your head, there is no soundness’ Isa 1:6.

It is obvious and even perceptible to he that is bereft of sight that in all parastatals of affairs in this world there is no soundness. A fearful looking of doom we could rightly portend unless an emergency exit is given. Make the head right and the whole body would be.

The struggle to put back the world into shape wouldn’t be achieved by taking for example a tour to the animal kingdom, holding a heart to heart talk with them and reaching a compromise. We can’t belittle ourselves in telling the mosquitoes to stop biting mankind and relieving us of the malaria burden ready to vanquish Africa.

Neither shall we get an emissary who can mediate between us and the bacteria and viral worlds to placate them to stop exaggerating our morbidity and mortality rates. Even if our techs got such high, the handwriting on the wall is clear; a deadlock is inevitable. Even with the change of tactics, taking turn to coerce them into doing our bidding shall fail us too.

For how many Dentists shall we recruit to take off the biting teeth of these whirring creatures? Or how many obstetricians shall we place on jumbo pays to create infertility into these microscopic creatures so they can can’t proliferate? Well, due to paucity of jobs we could still find recruits of such but we can’t ..we shall’nt…we won’t belittle ourselves.

We must make the head( Man) right and the whole body of creation would follow suit. We must restore him to his unfallen state and that only through salvation. The atoning power of the blood we must show to the vilest of offenders. By this we would without secrecy live a life of harmony and unity. Of course we can start from somewhere.

We need not wait till the angel writing names in the book of life pens down the 7billion inhabitants. Let everyone with the appellation,’ Christian’ not just fanfaronade but see it a meek responsibility. Shine that light where you are. Salt that salt wherever you turn to. Achieving a heaven on earth would be a reality. It would get to a point that God would  only bath this ball on fire after so much restraints. Yes we can do it by His Grace.




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Who is She Again II?

She undoubtedly proved her spick-and-span worth with a simple but golden attitude she possessed and  demonstrated. If the chapter of her life was closed at that scene, it’s still enough story to pick up from. But what amazes me the most is her family life, oh! Mind-blowing it is.

After the event that occurred at the well, that young man has finally gotten a wife, and he was taken home. He soon discussed the marriage proposal and all. With no jot of squabbling, her family agreed to the proposal. Without seeing or even knowing the bridegroom in question, her family so much believe that she can live independent of them, and that she is tough enough to look after herself. She is a Woman!

It was her brother that went to the well to take in the young man. And I asked myself, “Is he the brother or the father?”. They are blood related but there is more to it, she portrayed a good character and revealed perfection and flawlessness that her brother took her like her daughter.

Her family after the whole agreement, they changed their mind and felt she should wait for another ten days. What? I thought they agreed she leave the following morning. This only proved that something happened to their heart overnight.

“I know she can actually cope, but I love her and I will miss her, I’m not so much prepared for this than she is prepared for her journey”. Her mother endlessly thought this throughout the night, as well as her brother and father.

“Rebecca, let me make your hair, get new clothes for you, teach you some basics about family life”

“Mom, you don’t have to…”

“Rebecca, it’s not like i don’t believe you know all these things, I only want you to be prepared more” she said with a down face.

Didn’t Rebecca also thought over the issue overnight? She could not have had a night of dreams but rather of turbulent reflection. After a long thought, it was almost 03:00AM and it was going to be a long day ahead of her, so she finally heaved a sigh and said to herself

“There is always more to know, always more to do, more and more and more, but what I have, what i have done and what I know is enough to carry me through this inescapable voyage”

After recollecting her strong ,mid-night decision, she said to mom


It was her decision to make so her family ended up giving in to it, so they prophesied into her life and she left.

On getting to their destination. This woman even took the place of her mother-in-law with respect to her husband. I’ve always known wife to be wife, and mother to be mother. But she was so much adept to fit in to that shoe, incredible! Who is she to have been able to comfort her husband for the loss of his mother so easily and fast? She is now not only a woman but a wife and a mother too even before having kids. She definitely must have been a mother to her mother, a mother to her father and brother, now a mother to her husband.

She got pregnant and she at a time discovered something bizarre in her body, as though she has been one time pregnant. She was curious and prayed to God. Wow! She knows the Lord.

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain:  but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

Who Is She Again?

The brawny young man already whacked out from his gruelling journey finally saw this young woman perceptibly approaching the well to fetch water.

“Please woman, can you give me water to drink” he asked courteously, and since he already wished for a heaven on earth, he anticipated the impossible or better still the subsequent occurrence. He doesn’t actually care for the so-called water; he sure had enough for the journey.

“Oh sure” the young woman answered and noticed that those ten animals couldn’t be spirits who perhaps drinks no water, she paused for nothing less than three seconds and finally said the amazing.

“Let me get some for those too”,  pointing towards where the animals stood and fetched  water from the well for the man and continued like that until all the animals drank to their fill.

This man was the servant of Abraham, he was already an aged man who apparently was moving closest to the grave. In old times, parents were accountable for the marriage of their children, which indubitably was a very good practice and also demonstrate love and blessings of the parent to the children.

Abraham had done an assortment of good works in the life of Isaac, he is considered to have done nothing if he doesn’t oversee Isaac’s marriage before his death or when he is ripped for marriage.

Another practice in Israel, though as a law, was never to marry  from the pagans, what we call sinners and those who do not know the true God. Abraham sent one of his trustworthy servant to help get a wife for Isaac.

This young man set out for the journey, he recognised this as a tremendous and critical obligation that he took it upon himself never to get a random wife for Isaac, truthfully, he was getting a wife for him in the circle of Israelites.

There will always be a black sheep, this young man considered it as a betrayal of trust if all he could get for Isaac was one black sheep as a wife. So he prayed

Often time, we’ve been deceived by our culture of “go for what you like”, “follow your heart” vibe. Some even all because the young lady or the brother is looking spiritual or apparently spiritual, they didn’t see any reason to pray for direction in their relationships and marriage.

He prayed that whoever comes to the well and offer water  intentionally to the animals, she is a wife. For real? Do you know that 90% average woman will give you water to drink if asked politely, but the count is certainly low when it comes to offering water willingly to animals, not one, not two but ten, and a total stranger for that matter. I listed out six meanings to the action of this young woman, giving water to the man as asked and willingly offered to water the ten animals.

  • Compassion (giving water to the man)
  • Human feeling (She also knows what it means to be thirsty)
  • Sensitivity ( Able to discern that the animals were also thirsty)
  • Love (They were animals but it didn’t really matter to her, she shared her love)
  • Sensible (watered the animals anyway, whether they are thirsty or not)
  • Hardworking (She knew the animals were many, she didn’t stop fetching until she watered them all)

The servant knows that it will take a whole lot of good character for someone to without being asked offer animals water, the above listed are characters that every woman must possess. Young lady, a simple act like that can tell us everything about you. The way you talk alone can download everything about you.

This is the beginning of our discovery about this young woman, there is this saying; “first impression matters”, although not always but often time, in this case, the first impression about her matters a lot and it opened a wide episode of her life.

If you notice very well, this is only her outward-life. At an alarming rate, some people are noble outside but unprincipled inside, that is, they only display a virtuous life outside the circle of their family, but otherwise in their family, these are the disobedient. While in other cases, some people’s spotless character is only within the confine of the church and the family, and otherwise outside.

But this woman we are talking about proved beyond doubt that she is worth more than gold. We will find out soon enough.


The Possibility of a Changed World, a moment with Miss Ayilara, Mr. Olaleye, Mr. Ogundare and Miss Adisa.

If we can only live a simple and plain live as God created us to be, the world becomes better…and God in the centre of it all —–Ayilara Itunuoluwa

Making yourself a better person makes the world, make an example in yourself for the world to follow —-Olaleye James Olugbenga 

If a man wanna change his world, the change starts from himself, he should be ready not to give in, succumb and get tired of changing  —-Ogundare Ebenezer.

Love God and love your neighbour sacrificially, with the whole of your heart –Adisa Gbemisola

With what these people have said, I believe a change world is viable, perhaps  you don’t know if the world needs a change anyway, it’s good to state some things that are giving humanity hard time, and these will give you reasons to yearn for a changed world. 

  • Unemployment 
  • Inadequate health care
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Bad leadership
  • Moral decadence
  • Family problems
  • Threats
  • Poverty
  • Economic breakdown and Food scarcity
  • Educational problems
  • Broken homes, broken heart, broken relationships
  • Untimely death

All these things listed can’t be totally eradicated, that we must know, but the bottom line is, these things are eating deeper into the well-being of humanity like cancer and we have the power to correct it and stop all these evil from influencing us further, the standard welfare of the world is depreciating by the day, decades back, the world was fairer than this, morals were uprightly carried out, poverty wasn’t in so much abundance but now it’s getting worse, what’s the hope of the nation decades to come?

Taking Nigeria as a case study, an average Nigerian knows the state of affairs in the country, majority is in the attitude of pointing finger at the government, in extreme cases, people can blame their flat tyre on government. Meanwhile, everyone is involved in the state that we are in, the government is busy with their own thing , and the citizens are also doing theirs. If the only problem we have in Nigeria is government challenges  then we will have lesser problem to tackle. The government have a way of affecting individuals, that can’t be overruled, since there are laws and bodies that sees to how things goes, e.g education, public holidays, civil service and the likes, but then, we all have to choose what will influence us, you can choose to be influenced by the government and you can choose not to, you were not born inside the government house, you were born into the world, so, a responsibility awaits you to live a fulfilled life irrespective of the circumstances around you. 

Miss Ayilara was of the opinion that we only need to live simple lives.  She also cite an example in our discussion “Imagine if someone offends us and we just “simply” let it go… That will save us more time to make this World a better Place”. Most of the things we now fix, we could have avoided them in the first place, there is this saying “better safe than sorry “. Are you the kind that picks offence with anything?, you can start overlooking them, it doesn’t mean you’re weak, it only shows you’re strong.  Living simple lives is not synonymous to living carelessly but rather living with the mind that you will account for everything you do and you will reap whatever you sow. Jim Rohn said “You will reap much more what you sow “, and that’s the truth, if you live simple and make life easy for others, life will be much easier for you.

Mr. Olaleye talked about becoming better, the other time I referred to everyone contributing to the state of affairs in the world either positively or negativity, it’s like talking about a population, a population comprise each individual, so for a better world, we’ve got to have better people, your refusal to change is tantamount to refusing a better world, things might be good for you now but think about the future, the coming generation. Never think about other people not changing, if you decide to change and become better  it’s the beginning of a better world and your change is potent enough to influence other lives. 

Pastor E.A. Adeboye accepted the change that Jesus offered and with his changed life, many people are being changed everyday through his ministrations, books and his life, so your own change might be what is going to transform the world. Nelson Mandela’s work in history can’t be forgotten, such heart of service is what everyone must develop. Are you concerned about the welfare of this country? Then be changed. Don’t wait till you become a public figure before you influence your world positively, in that corner you are, affect lives positively and your reward is at the door. 

Then he also talked about making an example of yourself, everyone can talk about being good, being kind, and so on, but if you don’t take it upon yourself to make yourself a replica of the good things you say or desire, nothing is going to change. Make yourself a good example. 

Mr. Ogundare talked about not getting tired of changing. One thing that is certain is, good doesn’t arouse itself, it’s like having a field intended for farming, if the farmer plants his crops and then go to bed expecting harvest in the next season, he will go to the farm and return with a basket of weeds. As individuals, there is a great war between good and evil as said by Jim Rohn, which is true. Every good thing you do has it’s reward, never compromise, never get tired of changing, we will have a better world when we don’t get tired of desiring and working it out. The Holy Scriptures also says “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

Miss Adisa mentioned the subject of love. Some people are not affected by the situation of the world, but it will take love in the heart of any man to crave for a better world ,so we all can live in ease, because one thing is certain, life is a globe that revolves round it’s orbit, if you are nonchalant today and unconcerned about the dying world, you don’t know what can happen tomorrow, the ball can roll to your side, live your life and help others in living good lives as you are opportune, you can also create opportunity to do that. Live to love. Loving God is simply loving godliness, a holy life, if you are living uprightly, you will not hurt your fellow human . Someone can be like, “I’m not working, I don’t have money to help others, I don’t know what to do to help “, the solution to the world is not more money, it’s not more free health care but more people with positive life. So, live a positive life. 

Thanks to all the contributors. Your effort and contribution is appreciated, as little as it may seem to you, it’s what we all need at this time and it’s my desire that we will indeed have a great host of ladies and gentlemen. What’s your opinion about a changed world?, visit our Twitter account and follow and tweet with the hashtag #findingthelostlove, your opinions will be appreciated. Thanks. 


…The  second  common  fallacy  about  love  deals  with personal  responsibility.  The  world  tells  us  that  love  is beyond  our  control. 

This  thinking  has  found  its  way  into  our  language.  We describe  the  beginning  of  a  passionate  relationship  as “falling  in  love.”  Or  people  say,  “We’re  madly  in  love  with each  other.”  You’ve  more  than  likely  heard  people  say these  things–perhaps  you’ve  even  said  them  yourself.

Why  do  we  feel  compelled  to  compare  love  to  a  pit  or  a mental  disorder?  What  do  these  statements  reveal  about our  attitudes  toward  love?  I  think  we  make  these somewhat  overstated  analogies  because  they  remove personal  responsibility.  If  a  person  falls  into  a  pit,  what can  she  do  about  it?  If  an  animal  contracts  rabies  and runs  around  foaming  at  the  mouth  and  biting  people,  it can’t  really  help  its  nasty  behavior  because  it  has  gone mad.

Does  it  sound  a  little  absurd  to  discuss  love  in  such  terms? I  think  so.  Yet  we  tend  to  express  our  experience  of  love  in these  ways.  We  think  of  love  as  something  beyond  our control  and  thus  excuse  ourselves  from  having  to  behave responsibly.  In  extreme  cases,  people  have  blamed  love for  immorality,  murder,  rape,  and  many  other  sins.  Okay, so  maybe  you  and  I  haven’t  done  those  things.  But perhaps  you’ve  lied  to  parents  or  friends  because  of  a relationship.  Maybe  you  pushed  your  partner  too  far physically.  But  if  love  is  out  of  our  control,  we  can’t possibly  be  held  responsible.  Yes,  we  know  we  behaved rashly.  Yes,  we  know  we  might  have  hurt  others  in  the process,  but  we  couldn’t  help  it.  We  were  in  love.

By Joshua Haris, Author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Opt for Resolutions rather than New Year Resolution


Seconds after seconds, minutes upon minutes, until I ended up expending about thirty-one million, six hundred and twenty-two thousand and four hundred seconds, oh my, is this real?. If it were money, am already a millionaire. Meanwhile, time itself is money. The sensation that new year incorporate overwhelms majority, good wishes and glee flows around every corner, and every individual exult with their loved ones, since seeing a new year is a wonderful thing, knowing that many have passed away with the old year.
A new day is as important as a new year. We didn’t cross any bridge before entering the new year, neither did we jump above a sea with friends and family. A new year is as normal as a new day, it is like a sequel of a novel, one after the other, tomorrow is a continuation of today. The same rain that fell in the previous years won’t change its course this coming year, twenty-four hours will not dwindle as the year goes by.
Many things we write as touching new year resolution can be very cute, as we are in a state of ecstasy , to quickly put down those new lists of testaments and rules. It can also be exciting since that’s what most people always do as new year approaches, not knowing that years actually starts with second and seconds, and so forth.
New year resolutions can be cumbersome at times that we only carry the memory of the new goals in our head instead of the heart. You really don’t have to wait for new year before you resolve to be a better person. Everyday counts, days will soon turn weeks, weeks to months and months into a year.
New year resolution is good if you make a singular decision to daily resolve to become a better person. Just a singular decision, then you can put down every aspects of your life that you want to improve on, or the projects you want to execute. When you opt for daily resolution, rather than yearly resolution, you become productive and you will be happy to discover how your life turns out to be. Only make new year resolution once you’re ready to break it down to a daily commitment.

New year resolution can be very bulky that you just see that little or nothing is achieved at the end of the year.
It could be a very busy year for you, always screw it in that busy schedule no matter what. Jim Rohn in one of his seminar said “Nothing will change unless you’re changed”. Be grateful for this new year but if you continue in your old way, there is nothing new in the year, but it’s a new year indeed when you resolve to have a new you.
Wish you a wonderful 2017

The Prince of Peace and the reason for the season


If there be peace in the world, how fortunate the human race would be. No need to pretend that there is war in the world. World War I and II  made a mark in history. There is still war. War is not all about uproar and wailing, bloodshed, soldiers in armour and fear all around. War is simply anything that fights peace.  One of the things I personally detest is lacking peace. As much as I like being alone, if there is no peace, I will be disturbed,  until I do the right thing or get an understanding. At times I end up sleeping, just to relax over it, but what happens when I wake up? The war continue from where it stopped.

 War, as you know it fights peace, it doesn’t really count if it’s little or not. One of the vital things man can ever enjoy is peace. It’s a pity money can’t buy peace, oops, no one sells it anyway. It’s a state of mind that carries other advantages . it’s already an advantage itself. Since war isn’t a thing of joy. The advantage it carries include productivity, you can be more productive when your peace is not altered. Creativity, creativity comes from the mind, once the mind is at it’s best state you tend to do more and think better. Boldness, you can stand to do whatever you want to do anytime you choose to do it without worry. And also boldness in entering God’s presence.

Peace even make you heathy. Fear, sin, guilt, misunderstanding etc, can alter ones peace. Everyone has his own worry. But why worry when the Prince of Peace is here. His reign is peaceful, you can be careless in His care, that is, you can trust Him over anything. He even said “my peace I give to you, not as the world gives”. So the world can give peace? But a temporal one . Jesus’  is the everlasting Prince of Peace . His peace is for  you and I .He is the Prince of peace. So many things will fight our peace. Things won’t be always smooth and easy. That’s why Jesus came in other to grant us peace as we go through the journey of life. it’s not that troubles will totally disappear but rather He will give the grace to handle It without fear.

The reason for the season | By Akinfenwa Daniel Tolulope

: The feeling that comes with the season of Christmas is so potent that it reflects the peaceful and humble nature of the being been celebrated and whose value to the human race cannot be overemphasized, but the tidbits of this great celebration should as well not be thrown to the wind for in them comes the strength and hope that awaits the human race.

Our saviour so important in personality was born by an individual who has little or no value to the society, so rich in power and wealth chose to be born in a manger, so magnificent in glory chose to be announced by shepherds, all of these done with the purpose of bridging the gap between man and our creator. However, we spend greater time making merry, which is as expected, than reflecting on the real reason for the season, the latter been the ultimate. Evading the scorching and unbearable effect of the heat  which is the evidence of the great sun that shines so bright in Summer season, the earth full of dry leaves, indicating the loss of lives of trees in the forest in the autumn season, the heavy rainfall that succeeds the sound of the awakening thunderstorms leaving the earth to swim in its misery in the spring season, Christ chose to come in a season so cold, yet comforting.

Christmas celebration falling at the last month of the year is no mistake at all for it gives us yet another opportunity to reflect on our actions in the previous hundreds of days preceding it, allowing us make resolution where necessary as we enter into a new year. Resolutions to love one another just as Christ first loved us, resolutions to give to one another just as Christ gave himself for us. 

It’s here again, yes Christmas is here again, a moment of celebration of Love. How pleasant will it be if alongside our celebration we take time to reflect on the reason for the season we so long took for granted, things so minute yet important, reflecting on the NUGGETS OF CHRISTMAS.


Here comes the end of A Trip to Israel

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