If “Fish” Were Happy

“Being a professional fisher man, even though I’m not learned, but I learnt everything there is to know  about Fishing” , says a fisherman. I sell big fishes, and I have a good reputation and records with fish vendors and eaters, I worked  hard and I have my  luck. This fateful day I didn’t only went  to the sea, I went with two other young fishers, this was their first time with me. Just like I’ve always done, I knelt down to pray, the two fishermen watched in amazement. I cast the net into the “waters”, I pulled it, so heavy, and I thought I have my luck again today. They joined me in pulling it out, then we went to the river bank to separate the fishes, but Alas! There were fishes indeed but “too small to count”  others were young sea animals that have no use for me. How sad I was. I took the little I got and threw away the rest. Then one of the young men said “have you experienced this before” I answered in affirmation. Then why do you look sad? , said the other young man. Am sad because these sea animals  would have served a good purpose if they were fishes but now, they can’t survive again and yet I can’t sell them nor eat them, I answered . Meaning  if fishes were happy being not only caught but sold, thus serving a purpose, it would be better for them than being thrown away and separated from the sea for nothing , serving no purpose, one of them said. And I wish they were fishes, they would have been happy  I said. This is the story that grandma Lois told Rose and Angela.


Rose : What is the moral lesson grandma?


Grandma : I should ask you that. Angela do you know it?


Angela : God is the fisherman, and we are the fishes, He will come one day to harvest the fishes, and He will separate the good fishes from the bad ones and dispose the bad ones.


Grandma : That’s great. So be the kind of fish God would love.


Written by Daprenita.


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