The Lady and the Gentleman


I want to start a Series with us as regards the place of the lady and the man in the world, they are definitely not an accident, they have their roles and uniqueness. Follow the blogs as we ride on together.
When someone is being called a Lady, it signifies something, what does it signify? A female gender with excellent character. What should be more excellent in the life of anybody if not the character. Character alone can push you to your destiny either good or bad. In this case I would even love to call a day old girl a lady because my greatest hope is that she becomes one, she is a potential lady, even an old woman, it doesn’t matter how aged she is I consider her a lady, though she’s old but it’s not bad to call grandma a beautiful young lady, I bet she will blush. That was on a lighter mood
One amazing thing is the fact that God made her, wow! What a wonderful thing to be made by God. Though she was made with the purpose of being an helper, what a great purpose that is! Did God planned to make men only? We will find out later. No animal was suitable as a companion for Adam. Then God made her, dear sister, you’re a big deal. She is not some alternative, she is a NATION, she was made because of a man, YES!, no doubt about that she was made to be an helper, what more can you be than someone that helps others, if you claim to have a purpose that is not helping lives but rather the opposite, you need to check it. Your purpose must serve others and help them, if you’re not helping matter, you’re sure making things worse. Adam was the first man on earth, we could call him the first world , so the world was incomplete without an helper, known to be a lady. Everybody needs help, even the richest man needs the help of the poor man. Dear sis, you are created to help matter , what a glorious destiny. This is not first of all about your husband or your children, but the fact that you have a precious seed in you, you have a place in destiny, in life, in your home and many places . someone could ask, “this same Eve, madam helper, ended up causing problem in the garden, what about that?”, this question has caused so many debate, but we are not going into that for now. Just know that, God has forgiven Adam and Eve, they both received their share of punishment, but God is a God of second chance, He is giving you the opportunity to know who you really are and your place in the world.

Often time the world reckons with the first man or woman to do certain things. Before they reckon with the second or third, the study must be a wide one. Gentlemen, your kind was the first on earth. You knew God first, you met the animals first, you even named them. That is really great. The man Is the head, highly respected anywhere, any day. God has entrusted in your hand a responsibility to lead. If there is a war, and the war leader at the war front is killed, what is the hope of the other soldiers? , they may need to run for their life. That is how powerful it is to be the head and a great task it is. God is commiting several lives into your hand . You are an object of strength. You are more than a boy if you’re still a teenager, carry that mentality that you’re a man. You don’t have to wait till you get married before you start doing things like a man. This is not pride or some boast. But if you will be the head, you need wisdom. Wisdom is what makes you a man, if you’re not wise and yet you call yourself a man, that’s just figure head of the highest order. Dear gentleman, the world is depending on you. Don’t dissapoint. Being a gentleman is another thing, being gentle does not symbolize you not talking, there are gentlemen that are outspoken. What matters is that a gentleman comport himself , He is different from others. He thinks the way God wants him to think, he has a mind of responsibility, he respects others, he is loving and lovely too. He see to the affairs of his life, and carry the burdens of others, and most importantly, he always put God first. There is more to being a man than what the name implies. And there is more to being a lady…
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