T. D Jakes in one of his books wrote, “You actually train others how to treat you by how you treat yourself”. A lady should always reflect dignity. A lady that has lost her dignity, has lost something vital in her life, some don’t see anything in dignity, some have confused dignity with pride, while some don’t even know dignity exist. If you fall into any of the categories mentioned, you’re likely to live life anyhow, and since you don’t believe in dignity, or act dignified, nobody will see you that way. You are worth what you believe you worth. Dignity is worth a million and it is even priceless. Never let go of dignity for any reason. Trials and temptation will fight your dignity, if you hold on, they can’t overcome you. Esau in the Holy Scriptures sold his dignity, and wished he never did. People will respect you, they will trust you and great opportunities awaits a dignified life. Dignity in a simple term is a sense of your own importance. You are wonderfully made, believe it! 

Perhaps you have lost your dignity. There is hope when there is life. Gather yourself together again, correct those errors in your life and start again. Are you worried about those that knows about your past? It doesn’t matter my dear, the day you decide to start anew, you become a new creature that day. Jesus can give you a fresh start. Acknowledge Him as your saviour. He is able.


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