The Guy In Suit

“Interpret for him in English”,  my pastor said to me , “What? “, I said within myself. I sat beside him and silently interpreted the prayers to him, interpreting is not that easy, kudos to interpreters! After the meeting, this guy in suit with a fair skin colour and  a countenance of that of an Igbo guy finally said to my pastor “ese ma”, meaning thank you ma. Oh my! Did I just heard that? Everyone was surprised that this guy doesn’t only understand Yoruba language but can even speak it  , and in fact he is a Yoruba guy. “OMG, with all the grammar I blew, why didn’t he say anything that he actually understands ?”, well, he actually closed his eyes throughout, probably he doesn’t know about what was happening, but he sure must have heard all that I said. All because he was wearing a nice suit and black shoes and with his facial appearance, no one bothered to ask whether he understand us or not, he was obviously looking different from everyone else.

Why am I sharing this experience? We will find out soon enough. Often time, young men are too careful about their look, hair styles, what they wear. I know we  ladies can even be more careful. But we are looking at men this time. Who said you should not look good or dress in nice outfits? I’m not even talking about that. It is very good to dress well and decently. But then, young man, I love your shirt, wow!  nice trousers and shoes too, but you are forgetting something, where is your dream, where is your passion, where is your commitment, where is your character? , if you don’t wear all these, you are not yet complete. You are looking good but do you have any substance in you, do you know that your body is only a container? Man is a spirit, who has a soul and lives in a body. Why have you committed your life to chasing the wrong thing? The problem the world have today is, we all know the right thing to do, at least to some reasonable extent, but doing it is hard, but not hard in reality, it is hard because you have chosen not to do it and you are enjoying the wrong thing you are doing. There is more to do in life than decorating the container when the content is suffering. Take good care of your body, but take care much more your spirit. Young man, you are a potential leader. Leadership is not by mouth, it is not superficial, it is deeper. Work on your potentials, it will take you far in life.

The experience I shared the other time is only a parable to the mind I am trying to pass across, it simply means, you can be successful in appearing nice, like a banker or doctor or a fine boy chasing girls, but time will tell. It is only a diligent man that will sit with kings. You can wear suit and still sit with mean men, let your suit be good character and a purposeful life. It is not about what you wear, it is about what you carry within you.


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