My Thought on the Tech gods and the Ancient gods | Part I

There was a party in town, and in fact, it’s not some cheap parties that have been flying around these days, this is a party of the elite. This party was sponsored by the elite club, there were many clubs of influential men and women, but the elite club was known to be the most influential and even the overseer of other influential clubs. Talking about the less privilege, this is a party they can’t afford because there was nothing like regular fee, you are either a VIP or a VVIP, yes, it is also known that people are wealthier than one another. So if you are a poor man, don’t even think about it. Mr. TECH, Mr. MAN and Mr. ANCIENT were very wealthy and of course, their wealth is the talk of the people in town, no one knows who is wealthier among these three elites, it is not a good idea to have three drivers on a driver’s sit, yes, you can have many passengers, just one driver is needed. Since the three of them are wealthy, the other elites just have to cast their votes for their president, not on the basis of wealth, but on the choice of the people. So Mr. MAN was elected as the president, while Mr. ANCIENT was chosen as the vice president and Mr. TECH as the general secretary.

The D. Day came as programmed. Oh my, see different women in trendy outfits , the men were also in their different designer suits, their suits would not have been less than a million whatever, you are asking me how I knew? If you were there your comment would be more exagerated. I noticed a young lady in particular, she wore this designer red gown, the upper part was covered with gold, I’m not saying it was coloured with a golden colour, no! It was pure gold, her red shoes were something to write home about, “this is a red angelic devil”, I thought within me, angelic because she was looking great and devil because everything she wore was just red. But then,” how come this young lady could make it here? “. She definitely was in her early twenties. May be her parents are very wealthy. She sat down quietly after exchanging pleasantries with few other elites present.

After about twenty minutes, when everyone was on their VIP or the VVIP sit, the program took off, Mr. MAN was the reason why the program started late, just about five minutes late. The young lady I was referring to mounted the stage. I knew she was not an ordinary folk, she must definitely be something, she definitely was not the only elegant young lady in there and in fact there were several other young ladies and young men in there, I don’t know why she caught my attention so much.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it’s the night that we all have been waiting for, it’s gonna rock tonight, trust me, before I continue, I have one announcement to make, we have in our midst three students from a renown high school, you sure know what am talking about ” she smiled, just like everyone did. ” These three students will engage in a debate, they will debate on the wealthiest between TECH, MAN and ANCIENT. There was an uproar of exciting noise . “Oh my, so, it’s possible we know the wealthiest tonight?”, I thought within me as well. “now, I will invite the president for his speech, let’s give him a round of applause” she handed the microphone to him.

Watch out for Part II of My Thought on the tech gods and ancient gods.


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