My Thought on the Tech gods and the Ancient gods | Part II

“This is one of the exciting period of this organization, as we always do every year, it’s the first time we are having a president, and I’m privileged to be the first president of TEC”… He continued his speech. And I was wondering what TEC even mean. “They even called it an organization, could this be more than what we know?”. I was still looking around and didn’t even know when the angelic princess mounted the stage again, angelic princess, because I can’t stand myself calling her an angelic devil anymore, she is far better than that, the devil knows we will recognize him when he comes with horns, so it is only good to fear people in white, they could be the angelic devil, let’s just forget about colours, and stop calling old women witch, fair skin ladies mermaid, and the lady in red a devil.

“Thank you Mr. President for that speech, I believe the elite club is going places”, the angelic princess said. “Oh so that’s what TEC actually mean, men won’t stop abbreviating anything” I thought within me, that’s how a young man once said his name was OMO, and I was wondering if the OMO detergent was named after him, it was later I got to know that his full name was actually Olutobi Martin Oyeleye, people won’t stop confusing us. I could call myself DOPA too, ooops, it doesn’t sound too cool though.

The first student representing MAN came and declared all the assets MAN had, his companies, money and so on, it would not have made any sense if he was not able to compare his assets to that of TECH and ANCIENT, but as we all know that the first man to talk in court is always right, so everything he said sounded convincing, but we’ve got to hear from the other debaters too. We clapped our hands after the whole thing was said, the other guy also came and talked about the innovations of TECH, Technology is selling these days, talking about different computers, Internet, several machines, and so on. He successfully made us believe that 80% of the things that now exist today and actively functioning is as a result of the talents of TECH. Apart from the fact that TECH is wealthy, he is also very important in the society and everyone loves him and he also have a great stand in the society. This even made us more convinced that he is wealthier than MAN, because the only thing we know about MAN is that he have many possessions and that’s all, but we can’t even decide yet until we hear from ANCIENT. In debates I’ve come to realize that the last person to speak is often at an advantage, because he would have heard a lot of things from all the parties involved, and if he is the kind of a smart fellow, he will use the words of his opponent to defeat them.

Now the last debater came out representing ANCIENT and started with a mysterious quote, “A blind eye with a blind man Is tantamount to death, a blind eye is only an eye accident but a blind mind is total blindness”. “What is this guy saying, blind eye, blind mind, bla bla “. ” Among these three elites, two of them knows their stand, they know their place in wealth and know they are not the richest but the richest does not even know that he is the richest, so he is as good as the poorest, I wonder what he is doing in TEC, I am representing ANCIENT and I say good evening to all “. He stopped and looked around for a while and continued.

” We should all know that a man that owns a servant owns everything the servant has, ANCIENT is a god, and we know that a god is what people serve and bow down to. A god have a way of controlling the minds of his worshipers, every gods have certain laid down rules of a proper worship, a god doesn’t have a mouth to speak, but use the mouth of his worshipers, a god doesn’t eat food but eat what MAN may not want to eat, am talking about sacrifices, when men use humans for rituals and sacrifices. A god have a sense of possession towards man because he steals away the mind of man, a god can give you everything but to the god himself, he knows he has given nothing, anything that MAN bows to is a god. In ancient times, people were known to serve certain gods, and they worship them physically, they acknowledge them and bow to them physically, there are still ancient gods but it has reduced over time, gods doesn’t want MAN to serve the true God and so he redesigned himself from a wooden god to a golden god, such that people will serve him without knowing it. MAN wants to serve God but because he wants to watch television a bit more, gods came in and made him continue watching, television is not a god but he can use it to attain his goal, MAN wants to surf the Internet a bit longer and forget to read the Bible, the Internet is not a god, but god can use it to attain his goal, MAN wants to have money and enjoy life and so forget the Love of God, money is not a god but god can use it to attain his goals. MAN wants to eat nice delicacies and so forget about fasting, food is not a god, but god can use it to attain his goals, he can use anything that man has or love to make him worship him and take MAN farther from God, his dreams, and purpose. Since man doesn’t want to bow down to other gods knowingly, gods can make him bow unknowingly. TECH is one of god’s instruments, TECH is good to all that use it wisely  and a god to those that use it and forget the true God, since god can control MAN using this method,  ANCIENT god is the richest, but MAN is actually the richest when he learn to dominate the gods rather than the gods dominating him “.

Everyone was silent as if they were dead, if a pin drops that day, it could make a deep sound. He continued speaking with an obvious sign that he was rounding up.

” I will end on this note, ANCIENT gods are not dead, they are only transformed, MAN came late for this program because he watched a season film yesternight and slept in. He ended up waking up thirty minutes before the scheduled time for the program, he took a rush bath, a rush brushing and even rushed here, he could not observe his devotion all because of his previous attitude. So I will leave you to your thoughts about the Ancient gods and the Tech gods and man as a god himself, he was made in God’s image, he is a small god, think about it on a personal note, the richest between you and the gods. Man can be wealthy indeed, but what is his wealth when the gods can control him using his TECH and his desires?. I rest my case”. Everyone present, including myself, we were all in a sad mood and everyone was left with his thought. I don’t know what happened to the rest of the party because I stopped thinking, you can imagine the rest.

This is my Thought on the Tech gods and the Ancient gods, gods are gods either golden or wooden.


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