A Trip to Israel | Nuggets of Christmas

Whoopee! It’s just few days  to Christmas 2016. When I was much younger I always anticipate Christmas, I joyfully wait for that 25th December. 25th November I anticipate much more because that’s when I get the chance to play Christmas songs. I even smelled Christmas those days.

Those were simply childhood fun, I call it childhood fun since what I usually anticipate is the Christmas meats and rice and my Christmas wears. Is Christmas rice different from the rice I’ve been eaten months before Christmas? Nope! It’s just the atmosphere around it.

I still love Christmas and will always anticipate it till Christ comes. There is just more to Christmas than the merry behind it. It’s amazing to know that Christmas is just about seven days and few hours from now. What happened to that joy that usually overwhelm me? Seems I’m getting older (*winks*). I love Christmases, it’s always fun.

There is more to Christmas, yes, and there is much more to it. I want to take a journey back to Israel. Israel is the love of God, God loves Israel so much, later and now, He stretched forth His hand of love to the whole world, Israel now is not only the love of God but the whole wide world too.

Let’s together check seven nuggets of christmas. It’s no fun when we forget the reason for the season. I want to take a trip back to Israel. The Bible contains a lot about the lives of the Israelites, and it’s amazing that we can live our lives on the records in the Bible. It’s simply God’s Word.

The Seven Nuggets Of Christmas

  • That Wonderful Name  | His Names
  • Too much | Wonderful
  • I am stranded | Counselor
  • All things are possible | Powerful God
  • Undying | Everlasting God
  • Even a King | Prince of Peace
  • The Reason For the Season | Jesus

Let’s start checking them from tomorrow 19th December, to 25th December. Follow me to Israel, it’s gonna be an awesome journey.


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