That Wonderful Name | His Names


Merriam Webster dictionary defined name as a word or phrase that constitutes distinctive designation of a person or thing. Even if you actually fell from the sky, you still have a name, don’t you?. Parents are responsible in the act of naming their children. You possibly would not have opened your mouth to give yourself a name when you were born. Someone has  to give you a name.

Names are not just a routine, it’s important to have a name. What do I call you if you don’t have a name? Well I could call you anything, just like everyone else will do. Names are primarily for the purpose of identification and recognition. But then, names also have great significance. A man was once named Jabez, meaning sorrow, this man had to pray before the Lord could bless him, he must have seen  sorrow indeed.

These days we give ourselves names, nick name or pet name to be precise. Just make sure that your nick name is not such that carries an unpleasant meaning, and forbid anyone that calls you unpleasant names. You will hear names like spider, snake etc, what good will a spider do than sting. Your attitude can give you a name, someone who eats a lot might end up being called FFO(for food only). You sure don’t want to be busy with food alone, there is much to do.

As Christmas is approaching, don’t forget Jesus is the Christ we are celebrating. He has many names. His names are simply who He is. It’s not about just identifying Him. His names had been prophesied before He came at all, though He was in existence before the world was made. But He came as a man into the world. I listed His names in the last post. You have heard or seen those names before,(Isaiah 9:6). His Names are much more than that. Let’s just focus on the ones prophesied by Isaiah in the chapter nine of his book.

His names are a pointer to the things He came to the world to do, and what He is still doing now. There is no other name above His names, only His name can do all things and break all yoke. Wow! What manner of a name is that? It’s a wonderful name. Whosoever shall call on His name shall be saved. His name carries power and anointing, His name is distinct and special. You can’t just call His name in vain, it’s one of His commandments. (Exodus 20:7).

So, as we are marking and celebrating His birth this season, give honour to His name. You don’t have to call Him brother Jesus, He is even more than that, you can call Him that and still dishonour His name. Our Father who hath in heaven, hallow be Thy name. Honour Him and believe in His name.

He is the reason for the season. Let’s continue tomorrow as we start to  check out His names one after the other. Merry in this Christmas as you read, share with friends and do His word.

My name is Precious. Meaning something of high value. I’m Precious. And I believe I am. What’s your own name? Do you understand the meaning of your name? Do you believe in your name? Take any of your names and leave your comments. See you tomorrow.


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