Too Much | Wonderful


It’s nice to see another day, thank God for that. Started the series A Trip To Israel two days back, I’m glad we are in this journey together. Yesterday, we were able to know the significance of names, and of course the power that the name of Christ carries.

One of His names is Wonderful and I also wrote on the headline “Too Much”, He is too much and more than enough. It is awesome to say God is wonderful, how about knowing that He is not only wonderful, but His name is actually Wonderful. Meaning He is full of wonders. This Christmas season as Santa Claus comes around, kids gets gifts from Santa, when the kids open their packages, they discover different gifts. My gifts differ from yours. This Christ we are celebrating in this Christmas is full of different wonders. Not just a particular wonder, He can do what no man can do, just name it.

I actually called this series nuggets of Christmas. And we are looking at His names, which I called who He is. I am doing that so we can celebrate Christmas in a more unique way, celebrating with understanding,  eating those rice and chickens with understanding and thanksgiving. Such that, even without Christmas chicken, you are happy that you are celebrating it the right way, which is by focusing on Christ whom we are celebrating.

It’s not a sin if you don’t eat chicken on Christmas (*winks*). So don’t feel incomplete without it. Jesus is wonderful and His name is called Wonderful. You can enjoy and experience His wonders this season. What an amazing thing to point at certain miracles in your life that happened just in the season of Christmas. I myself don’t just want to merry in fun alone but merry much more in His wonders during this season.

A woman touched the hem of His garment and was made whole, what a wonder! You can touch Him too and pray over those issues, trust me, His garment is still full of wonders. Don’t let this Christmas pass without you demonstrating your faith to Him that you believe He is wonderful. Enter Christmas before Christmas comes and enjoy your best Christmas ever.

The best Christmas is not the Christmas with many gifts, tables of food, nice outfits and footwear, vacations and the likes, but the best Christmas is the Christmas where your focus is Christ. Ruminate upon His wonderful acts, take a trip to Israel and read His acts of wonders. Study Him and you won’t remain the same again. He still does wonders because His name is called wonderful. He is too much.

Join me again tomorrow.


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