I Am Stranded | Counselor


Many ┬átimes in life, I usually know what to do or the direction to take, just to be sure, I could decide to ask someone if my decision is good or not. And other times, I do not even know what to do, then I table the matter to someone, then I get my way. Other times I don’t know what to do and no one knows what I can do or I believe no one will be able to give me wise counsel on this, then I go to God.

These are three different scenarios, God must be the center of every decision, even after I’m being told what to do, it’s still my choice to choose what to do. I must have been clouded with some emotions or other things that fights good judgement, so telling someone would help me a bit and then I decide what to do.

Even after asking God, it’s still my decision to go for it or not. Whether there is a Solomon very close to my room, or a David with a kind heart in my abode, God must be the reason for my actions, both the big ones and the minute ones. Why do couples visit marriage counselors? I think in my opinion, it’s not like the husband and the wife are both stranded or don’t know what to do, to a reasonable extent. But because the counselor will hit the nail on the head and won’t exercise sentiment or prejudice.

Decision making is one of the core things in our lives. I am responsible for the state of my life, and so are you. Even as we all go around, seeking counsels, visit pastor for counsel, talk to a friend and the likes. If my friends should mislead me, may be she didn’t mean to do that, but I’m being misled anyway, it’s not her fault, it’s my fault because this is my life not hers.

God doesn’t have someone He goes to, to seek counsel, what!!? He is wise on His own. Isaiah 40:14 says it all. If the God that never make mistake is my Lord, how fortunate I am. The messiah which is the Christ has a gift for us this season, He wants to direct you and I to the right way, and I can trust Him because He is all-wise.

Are you stranded? And you don’t know what to do. It’s not too late to seek the only wise counselor. Do you know you can know what to do and you don’t even know how to do it? Once you do it in the wrong way, you will get it all wrong. But Jesus can teach you what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

His name is Counselor. Nothing is attached to it, there are medical counselors, academic counselors, marriage counselors, the list goes on. A marriage counselor might not be able to give wise academic counsels . But He is the counselor, that is, He is not restricted to a certain angle, He can give counsels on anything. I have a lot to know before this year runs out, I must run to the counselor to celebrate this Christmas. I trust He won’t mislead me.

I won’t ask for fish and He will offer scorpion. Not even my daddy will do that, how much more the one who came to this world to give His life for me, what can be more precious than the life of a man? , then I ┬ábelieve He can give me anything I need. He will lead me.

You may seem to know what to do, but lean not on your own understanding, your friend can be very wise, but acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.


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