The Everlasting Father



The might, existence and the grace of God is inexplicable. How about His immortality? Simply beyond human comprehension. He is going to last forever, and forever will be a father. A man is not just being called a Father if there be no children. No earthly father will last forever. Death awaits all. He begat all men, He is the father of all.

Jesus came to the world several years ago, He died, resurrected and lives forever . Memorial service can be held in remembrance of a deceased family member or friend, their birthdays can even be remembered yearly. Celebrating Christmas is not because He is dead and we are remembering His unfailing love, but rather, we are marking a great turn around in the history of man with the coming of this saviour. In other words, we are simply saying “Thank you Jesus for coming to this world, though you’ve been gone before I was made, but thank you because your grace is eternal, and will last for several generations to come, I’m happy am a part of this everlasting grace”.

If He is  not a father, He wouldn’t have come at all.

“Hey Sandra, what do I get for you this Christmas?

You  promised me a present last year too ” Sandra complained

” I’m sorry dear, that was the only year I didn’t buy you a present, I will get you two to make it up with you this time ”

Sandra ‘s dad promised Sandra a gift last Christmas, but he couldn’t keep to his word. God promised the coming of messiah decades before He came. He fulfilled His promise, and every moment this gift (Jesus), is ever available, Jesus is not rationed, He is the messiah and available for all. As you’re getting your presents this Christmas, ask God for an Everlasting Gift, and that’s Jesus. More of Him in you and I.


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