The Possibility of a Changed World, a moment with Miss Ayilara, Mr. Olaleye, Mr. Ogundare and Miss Adisa.

If we can only live a simple and plain live as God created us to be, the world becomes better…and God in the centre of it all —–Ayilara Itunuoluwa

Making yourself a better person makes the world, make an example in yourself for the world to follow —-Olaleye James Olugbenga 

If a man wanna change his world, the change starts from himself, he should be ready not to give in, succumb and get tired of changing  —-Ogundare Ebenezer.

Love God and love your neighbour sacrificially, with the whole of your heart –Adisa Gbemisola

With what these people have said, I believe a change world is viable, perhaps  you don’t know if the world needs a change anyway, it’s good to state some things that are giving humanity hard time, and these will give you reasons to yearn for a changed world. 

  • Unemployment 
  • Inadequate health care
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Bad leadership
  • Moral decadence
  • Family problems
  • Threats
  • Poverty
  • Economic breakdown and Food scarcity
  • Educational problems
  • Broken homes, broken heart, broken relationships
  • Untimely death

All these things listed can’t be totally eradicated, that we must know, but the bottom line is, these things are eating deeper into the well-being of humanity like cancer and we have the power to correct it and stop all these evil from influencing us further, the standard welfare of the world is depreciating by the day, decades back, the world was fairer than this, morals were uprightly carried out, poverty wasn’t in so much abundance but now it’s getting worse, what’s the hope of the nation decades to come?

Taking Nigeria as a case study, an average Nigerian knows the state of affairs in the country, majority is in the attitude of pointing finger at the government, in extreme cases, people can blame their flat tyre on government. Meanwhile, everyone is involved in the state that we are in, the government is busy with their own thing , and the citizens are also doing theirs. If the only problem we have in Nigeria is government challenges  then we will have lesser problem to tackle. The government have a way of affecting individuals, that can’t be overruled, since there are laws and bodies that sees to how things goes, e.g education, public holidays, civil service and the likes, but then, we all have to choose what will influence us, you can choose to be influenced by the government and you can choose not to, you were not born inside the government house, you were born into the world, so, a responsibility awaits you to live a fulfilled life irrespective of the circumstances around you. 

Miss Ayilara was of the opinion that we only need to live simple lives.  She also cite an example in our discussion “Imagine if someone offends us and we just “simply” let it go… That will save us more time to make this World a better Place”. Most of the things we now fix, we could have avoided them in the first place, there is this saying “better safe than sorry “. Are you the kind that picks offence with anything?, you can start overlooking them, it doesn’t mean you’re weak, it only shows you’re strong.  Living simple lives is not synonymous to living carelessly but rather living with the mind that you will account for everything you do and you will reap whatever you sow. Jim Rohn said “You will reap much more what you sow “, and that’s the truth, if you live simple and make life easy for others, life will be much easier for you.

Mr. Olaleye talked about becoming better, the other time I referred to everyone contributing to the state of affairs in the world either positively or negativity, it’s like talking about a population, a population comprise each individual, so for a better world, we’ve got to have better people, your refusal to change is tantamount to refusing a better world, things might be good for you now but think about the future, the coming generation. Never think about other people not changing, if you decide to change and become better  it’s the beginning of a better world and your change is potent enough to influence other lives. 

Pastor E.A. Adeboye accepted the change that Jesus offered and with his changed life, many people are being changed everyday through his ministrations, books and his life, so your own change might be what is going to transform the world. Nelson Mandela’s work in history can’t be forgotten, such heart of service is what everyone must develop. Are you concerned about the welfare of this country? Then be changed. Don’t wait till you become a public figure before you influence your world positively, in that corner you are, affect lives positively and your reward is at the door. 

Then he also talked about making an example of yourself, everyone can talk about being good, being kind, and so on, but if you don’t take it upon yourself to make yourself a replica of the good things you say or desire, nothing is going to change. Make yourself a good example. 

Mr. Ogundare talked about not getting tired of changing. One thing that is certain is, good doesn’t arouse itself, it’s like having a field intended for farming, if the farmer plants his crops and then go to bed expecting harvest in the next season, he will go to the farm and return with a basket of weeds. As individuals, there is a great war between good and evil as said by Jim Rohn, which is true. Every good thing you do has it’s reward, never compromise, never get tired of changing, we will have a better world when we don’t get tired of desiring and working it out. The Holy Scriptures also says “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

Miss Adisa mentioned the subject of love. Some people are not affected by the situation of the world, but it will take love in the heart of any man to crave for a better world ,so we all can live in ease, because one thing is certain, life is a globe that revolves round it’s orbit, if you are nonchalant today and unconcerned about the dying world, you don’t know what can happen tomorrow, the ball can roll to your side, live your life and help others in living good lives as you are opportune, you can also create opportunity to do that. Live to love. Loving God is simply loving godliness, a holy life, if you are living uprightly, you will not hurt your fellow human . Someone can be like, “I’m not working, I don’t have money to help others, I don’t know what to do to help “, the solution to the world is not more money, it’s not more free health care but more people with positive life. So, live a positive life. 

Thanks to all the contributors. Your effort and contribution is appreciated, as little as it may seem to you, it’s what we all need at this time and it’s my desire that we will indeed have a great host of ladies and gentlemen. What’s your opinion about a changed world?, visit our Twitter account and follow and tweet with the hashtag #findingthelostlove, your opinions will be appreciated. Thanks. 


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