The Possibility of a Changed World (II) by Oyewo Seun Lenitas

‘Utopian’ is the least word we could describe the baby world the Almighty birthed from the womb of his hands. Everything was perfectly fitted.

The winds, the sun, the moon, the clouds etc. They all harmonized to give credit to the architectural wits of the Most high. Not long thereafter we see degeneration littering everywhere. Anarchy blossomed blossoms. Reeking, the buzzards made party as the once perfect creation made a stench to its creator.

The hyenas growled unrestrained as they claim domineering grip over what was ours. The vampire in them rising to escalating proportions. Without employing forensic experts, we could see in ‘bold, italics and capslocking ‘, the fingerprints of the devil on all of Gods’s handwork.

This fundamental flaw we trace to the first man opening his mind to the reins of the Devil. Cuddled by lies and caressed by deceit, our first parents bought into the highfalutin bargain the meticulous liar sold them and we got here. This terrestrial ball as it stands today is just the prototype of what one old prophet, the son of Amoz, wrote concerning Israel of his days, ‘from the sole of your foot to the top of your head, there is no soundness’ Isa 1:6.

It is obvious and even perceptible to he that is bereft of sight that in all parastatals of affairs in this world there is no soundness. A fearful looking of doom we could rightly portend unless an emergency exit is given. Make the head right and the whole body would be.

The struggle to put back the world into shape wouldn’t be achieved by taking for example a tour to the animal kingdom, holding a heart to heart talk with them and reaching a compromise. We can’t belittle ourselves in telling the mosquitoes to stop biting mankind and relieving us of the malaria burden ready to vanquish Africa.

Neither shall we get an emissary who can mediate between us and the bacteria and viral worlds to placate them to stop exaggerating our morbidity and mortality rates. Even if our techs got such high, the handwriting on the wall is clear; a deadlock is inevitable. Even with the change of tactics, taking turn to coerce them into doing our bidding shall fail us too.

For how many Dentists shall we recruit to take off the biting teeth of these whirring creatures? Or how many obstetricians shall we place on jumbo pays to create infertility into these microscopic creatures so they can can’t proliferate? Well, due to paucity of jobs we could still find recruits of such but we can’t ..we shall’nt…we won’t belittle ourselves.

We must make the head( Man) right and the whole body of creation would follow suit. We must restore him to his unfallen state and that only through salvation. The atoning power of the blood we must show to the vilest of offenders. By this we would without secrecy live a life of harmony and unity. Of course we can start from somewhere.

We need not wait till the angel writing names in the book of life pens down the 7billion inhabitants. Let everyone with the appellation,’ Christian’ not just fanfaronade but see it a meek responsibility. Shine that light where you are. Salt that salt wherever you turn to. Achieving a heaven on earth would be a reality. It would get to a point that God would  only bath this ball on fire after so much restraints. Yes we can do it by His Grace.




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