The Busy Mind




The saying  “an idle hand is the devil’s workshop” has lucratively found its way into day-to-day banter, absconding the confinement of some classed axiom. A toddler always is in the habit of playing with stuffs or put anything in her mouth, heavens know what has went down the throat of many, myself inclusive, that’s just what children are. “Keep out of the reach of children” sentence won’t go into extinct as far as we have children and we desire their proper growth, since they can’t discern good from evil.

Why do parents get toys for their children? Why are their amusement parks? I believe it’s for the young child to have fun and preclude a boring life, as children loves excitements. I’m not quite certain if babies have lots going on in their mind but I see they have lots in their very hands. Take away that toy and you have a crying baby.

I won’t stand to look at a child having her own share of fun, playing with everything on the table, perhaps I could only have a high regard for her beauty and simplicity as I go my way, but I will get a chair seeing an adult doing such, for something is wrong.

Why have I been dwelling on babies?,  just want to state a clear difference of what is expected of babies and adults, “To whom much is given, much is expected”. Whether loved or hated, responsibility awaits everyone, even that little child growing, she is going to be an adult sooner. T. Harv Eker said “The only way to change your outer world is to change your inner world”. This is a true principle. If we take time to think more than we act, we will produce results far effective than imagined, it all starts from the inside.

Parents will have to think and act for their little kids, with time they think for her while the kid act herself, and then a day will come when this child fully grown must think and act for herself. Thinking can simply means just having a second thought, not necessarily taking a whole month to think of what to do in a day, but rather, making sure that everything you do is not as a result of reflex or nature, but coming down from your mind. In some cases, to think through, you will need days or a month, but what matters is you thinking through, then act, but considering the time factor. Or what is the essence of charming a snake if you let it bite you first?

You are no more a baby that wants to play around and getting excited all day long, jumping all around, eat anytime, do anything and cry, there are scores of things to think about, because there are many things to do. When I was younger, I often anticipate the future, and see it as a high tower far beyond my reach. But now I see that the future is just a second away.

As ladies and gentlemen who desire to live in peace and harmony, you’ve got to put that mind to work, there are treasures in there, it’s just a thought away. We have regretted what we say and wish we gave it a second thought and things wouldn’t have turned this bad, and other times we wished to have settled down a bit longer avoiding the pot of soup we are already in.

You may not  own a company, but if you learn how to use your mind, thinking carefully, thus acting correctly, you will make a good CEO, for anyone who learns to control and manage  his action can control and manage anything. Don’t be a baby, be an adult.



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