Hey! I’m Deji-Omolere Precious Abisola, a Nigerian. I am your friend, yeah, we are friends, why? Because we are a great host together, so feel free to like my blogs and leave your comments.

Talking about my personality, I’m easy going, don’t like getting my feet into trouble, so that I can have my own share of peace. I love to spend time alone and I also love to be around people.

I love the Lord and He is the reason for this blog. Jesus is the saviour and He is my saviour.

My best food is rice, any specie of rice will do.


HLG as the name implies, is essentially for the two genders, that means HLG is for all, whether old or young, no age is excluded. HLG, stands to enlighten everyone, and to enable every individual to live to the best of their lives and purpose. HLG basically wants you to live well with yourself and your neighbour. So, in one word it’s all about humanity. Who we are, how to act as a lady and as a man, what to do. Etc. 

Enlightenment, Inspiration, Motivation, these and much more are the vision for this blog, knowledge is power, but putting what you know in to practice is wisdom, so wisdom is even morepowerful. HLG will do her best to show you the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW.

The world is full of over seven billion men (the two genders), with several characters, talents, gifts, personalities, the list goes on. So much disorderliness, hatred, envy, and greediness has made the world a complicated place to be. And this has led to death, starvation, depression, even diseases and sicknesses, all because humanityhas failed to live in one accord.

Love is no where to be found among nations of theworld. The solution to this catastrophe is when each and everyone of us, including toddlers, the teenagers and the adults embrace who we are, what we are made of, and what we are made for, and then stretch forth the hand of love towards one another, then, we can have the kind of nation God hopes for, a nation with great Host Of Ladies and Gentlemen.

This blog is here for you and I, one thing is that I learn as I write too, so believe me, I am writing for us, this is the host of ladies and gentlemen, so far you are a female or male, you can come around. This blog serves the purpose of bringing out the best in us, any topic that will bring the best out  in you and I will be shed light on.

It will enlighten, inspire and motivate us.


My joy is to see you live your life as supposed, and see a happy nation. You just follow, like, comment and share

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