Who is She Again II?

She undoubtedly proved her spick-and-span worth with a simple but golden attitude she possessed and  demonstrated. If the chapter of her life was closed at that scene, it’s still enough story to pick up from. But what amazes me the most is her family life, oh! Mind-blowing it is.

After the event that occurred at the well, that young man has finally gotten a wife, and he was taken home. He soon discussed the marriage proposal and all. With no jot of squabbling, her family agreed to the proposal. Without seeing or even knowing the bridegroom in question, her family so much believe that she can live independent of them, and that she is tough enough to look after herself. She is a Woman!

It was her brother that went to the well to take in the young man. And I asked myself, “Is he the brother or the father?”. They are blood related but there is more to it, she portrayed a good character and revealed perfection and flawlessness that her brother took her like her daughter.

Her family after the whole agreement, they changed their mind and felt she should wait for another ten days. What? I thought they agreed she leave the following morning. This only proved that something happened to their heart overnight.

“I know she can actually cope, but I love her and I will miss her, I’m not so much prepared for this than she is prepared for her journey”. Her mother endlessly thought this throughout the night, as well as her brother and father.

“Rebecca, let me make your hair, get new clothes for you, teach you some basics about family life”

“Mom, you don’t have to…”

“Rebecca, it’s not like i don’t believe you know all these things, I only want you to be prepared more” she said with a down face.

Didn’t Rebecca also thought over the issue overnight? She could not have had a night of dreams but rather of turbulent reflection. After a long thought, it was almost 03:00AM and it was going to be a long day ahead of her, so she finally heaved a sigh and said to herself

“There is always more to know, always more to do, more and more and more, but what I have, what i have done and what I know is enough to carry me through this inescapable voyage”

After recollecting her strong ,mid-night decision, she said to mom


It was her decision to make so her family ended up giving in to it, so they prophesied into her life and she left.

On getting to their destination. This woman even took the place of her mother-in-law with respect to her husband. I’ve always known wife to be wife, and mother to be mother. But she was so much adept to fit in to that shoe, incredible! Who is she to have been able to comfort her husband for the loss of his mother so easily and fast? She is now not only a woman but a wife and a mother too even before having kids. She definitely must have been a mother to her mother, a mother to her father and brother, now a mother to her husband.

She got pregnant and she at a time discovered something bizarre in her body, as though she has been one time pregnant. She was curious and prayed to God. Wow! She knows the Lord.

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain:  but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.


Who Is She Again?

The brawny young man already whacked out from his gruelling journey finally saw this young woman perceptibly approaching the well to fetch water.

“Please woman, can you give me water to drink” he asked courteously, and since he already wished for a heaven on earth, he anticipated the impossible or better still the subsequent occurrence. He doesn’t actually care for the so-called water; he sure had enough for the journey.

“Oh sure” the young woman answered and noticed that those ten animals couldn’t be spirits who perhaps drinks no water, she paused for nothing less than three seconds and finally said the amazing.

“Let me get some for those too”,  pointing towards where the animals stood and fetched  water from the well for the man and continued like that until all the animals drank to their fill.

This man was the servant of Abraham, he was already an aged man who apparently was moving closest to the grave. In old times, parents were accountable for the marriage of their children, which indubitably was a very good practice and also demonstrate love and blessings of the parent to the children.

Abraham had done an assortment of good works in the life of Isaac, he is considered to have done nothing if he doesn’t oversee Isaac’s marriage before his death or when he is ripped for marriage.

Another practice in Israel, though as a law, was never to marry  from the pagans, what we call sinners and those who do not know the true God. Abraham sent one of his trustworthy servant to help get a wife for Isaac.

This young man set out for the journey, he recognised this as a tremendous and critical obligation that he took it upon himself never to get a random wife for Isaac, truthfully, he was getting a wife for him in the circle of Israelites.

There will always be a black sheep, this young man considered it as a betrayal of trust if all he could get for Isaac was one black sheep as a wife. So he prayed

Often time, we’ve been deceived by our culture of “go for what you like”, “follow your heart” vibe. Some even all because the young lady or the brother is looking spiritual or apparently spiritual, they didn’t see any reason to pray for direction in their relationships and marriage.

He prayed that whoever comes to the well and offer water  intentionally to the animals, she is a wife. For real? Do you know that 90% average woman will give you water to drink if asked politely, but the count is certainly low when it comes to offering water willingly to animals, not one, not two but ten, and a total stranger for that matter. I listed out six meanings to the action of this young woman, giving water to the man as asked and willingly offered to water the ten animals.

  • Compassion (giving water to the man)
  • Human feeling (She also knows what it means to be thirsty)
  • Sensitivity ( Able to discern that the animals were also thirsty)
  • Love (They were animals but it didn’t really matter to her, she shared her love)
  • Sensible (watered the animals anyway, whether they are thirsty or not)
  • Hardworking (She knew the animals were many, she didn’t stop fetching until she watered them all)

The servant knows that it will take a whole lot of good character for someone to without being asked offer animals water, the above listed are characters that every woman must possess. Young lady, a simple act like that can tell us everything about you. The way you talk alone can download everything about you.

This is the beginning of our discovery about this young woman, there is this saying; “first impression matters”, although not always but often time, in this case, the first impression about her matters a lot and it opened a wide episode of her life.

If you notice very well, this is only her outward-life. At an alarming rate, some people are noble outside but unprincipled inside, that is, they only display a virtuous life outside the circle of their family, but otherwise in their family, these are the disobedient. While in other cases, some people’s spotless character is only within the confine of the church and the family, and otherwise outside.

But this woman we are talking about proved beyond doubt that she is worth more than gold. We will find out soon enough.




T. D Jakes in one of his books wrote, “You actually train others how to treat you by how you treat yourself”. A lady should always reflect dignity. A lady that has lost her dignity, has lost something vital in her life, some don’t see anything in dignity, some have confused dignity with pride, while some don’t even know dignity exist. If you fall into any of the categories mentioned, you’re likely to live life anyhow, and since you don’t believe in dignity, or act dignified, nobody will see you that way. You are worth what you believe you worth. Dignity is worth a million and it is even priceless. Never let go of dignity for any reason. Trials and temptation will fight your dignity, if you hold on, they can’t overcome you. Esau in the Holy Scriptures sold his dignity, and wished he never did. People will respect you, they will trust you and great opportunities awaits a dignified life. Dignity in a simple term is a sense of your own importance. You are wonderfully made, believe it! 

Perhaps you have lost your dignity. There is hope when there is life. Gather yourself together again, correct those errors in your life and start again. Are you worried about those that knows about your past? It doesn’t matter my dear, the day you decide to start anew, you become a new creature that day. Jesus can give you a fresh start. Acknowledge Him as your saviour. He is able.