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Thinking Right or Stinking Wrong

The previous article bent on using your mind, putting it to use. But then, problem arises when we think, but wrongly, for the mind has in itself the elements of right and wrong. Take for instance, someone wants to travel out of the country to study and believes it’s the best thing to do, another believes he doesn’t have to go that far just to acquire knowledge, and someone disregard the two opinion, stating education isn’t necessary. If we call these three personnel to an interview or a debate, they will have their points and you will have a hard time judging the case. Continue reading “Thinking Right or Stinking Wrong”

Purpose Of Humanity

Got a feed back from a friend few weeks back , asking to expatiate more on the sentence “… She is a NATION” (see Capitalizing it brought much attention to it, and of course, it is good to pay attention to that. The man Is a Nation as well. Nation in this context is Obviously not the dictionary meaning, more like a metaphor ,I will like to give it this meaning “a great subject” Yes! The lady is a Nation, I remember using this illustration, that, the building of a home is in the hand of the wife, how the children will grow into wonderful kids , it is in the hand of the wife, also know that single fathers can  also raise wonderful kids too but that’s on a rare occasion, the children if still young will still need someone like a mother to take care of them, but here we are looking at the singular responsibility of the parents . You could attest to seeing a gentle husband with a wayward wife, how will the family look like?. There was a Nabal and an Abigail at a time, Nabal was an indifferent man, but he fortunately had a wise wife who prevented a situation that would have wiped off his whole lineage, this Abigail prevented this and also prevented another man from shedding blood and take law into his hands. God in the Holy Scriptures made it clear that “Homes are made by the wisdom of women” (GNB). A house can collapse if the woman there is not wise, everything that the world has become today started from the family, the man have his  responsibilities, yet the woman’s responsibilities can’t be overemphasized, the home can’t be built without a lady, and if all the ladies in the world are wise, then the world can also be a better place. So, for her to be wise she must know this and set aside herself to grow to a wise lady, that’s why I said she is a nation because she plays a great role in the home and which afterwards affects the country. Here in Nigeria, especially in Yoruba land, it is believed that a good child belongs to the father, while the bad one to the mother, meanwhile, the same mother brought up these two children, the more reason why she must be strong enough to raise wonderful children, a bad child is the shame of his mother. Before they blame the father they would have blamed the mother, even though they both have their responsibility over the children and it is their fault if their children becomes wayward, however, the home needs a wise lady for the future of the kids, for the peace of her husband and for the betterment of the country. And she must know that becoming wise starts from NOW. A woman alone can’t build the home, we will later check the indispensable responsibility of the man as well in other to strike a balance.
Now let’s look at purpose of humanity.

Humanity is made up of the male and the female. The utmost purpose of humanity is to help one another, help the family, help the society and the nation at large, irrespective of the gender. It is obvious that our society needs help, and in each individual is embedded a well of virtues that is enough or more than enough to make the world a better place. If there is a patient suffering from malaria, he needs the help of a physician, but if he is left there, he could die. The same goes for our environment, if the environment is denied of the help it needs, so many things will happen. We have been able to know what the two genders stands for. There comes a time in our environment when we give excuses, trying to dodge our God-given responsibilities, you hear people say “I can’t do that, it’s not what I do, it’s a work of a man, it’s a work of a woman”. There are several widows, widowers, single mothers and single fathers, orphans, motherless and fatherless babies. It is no surprise that despite the situations these ones finds themselves, many still do well,  Orphans still make it in life, so why should you be nonchalant about life and giving up easily? A one time governor in a South-West State in Nigeria, Olagunsoye Oyinlola, whose parents died when at a tender age of nine still ended up a governor. This is not luck, neither is it an accident. We need to understand that no matter what circumstance of life is, there is still something great lying inside of you, storm can affect everything around you but you will have to choose not to allow storm to blow away the greatness in you. The fingers are not equal, so circumstance are not the same, some are born with silver spoon in their mouth, some are born into a poor family, being in a poor family doesn’t limit your greatness in life, one mysterious thing is that none of us chose the family we are, but we will have to choose what we will become . Opportunity is the hallmark of greatness, as poor or as rich as you are, there is one opportunity very close to you to make you rich or richer.
What I am saying in essence is you are born to help matters, there is a gap you are born to fill, when you choose to fill this gap, then you are fulfilling the purpose of humanity. Do not despise the days of little beginning, you might not be where you want to be but make sure you don’t remain on the same spot. Help yourself, help your family, help the society and help the nation. Looking aback from where we started this series (The lady and the gentleman , understanding my place, and purpose of humanity). It will be good to draw a link and a conclusion. The lady is to be a godly being who understands her nature and her role, the man Is a godly being who also must understands his  responsibility and what he stands for, these two have different purpose for which they are made just like everyone on earth serves different purpose. The parts of a human body is a very suitable example, every parts serves differently but they work together to achieve a particular aim which is the health of the human body. The society needs these two characters. After knowing that we are two different people and understanding what we symbolize, it is also important for each to understand his/her place in order to discourage competition, God did not make them so they can compete, they are made to help one another, in the Church, in school, at work, in the family, in marriage and in the society. So, dear ladies and gentlemen, understand your place and don’t compare yourself with anyone either same sex or opposite sex, only compare yourself with who you really are, keep comparing yourself with your God-given purpose as you work it out daily until you attain your God-given purpose. When you understand your place, also don’t forget what the human purpose is, which is to help matter, to see to it that the world is living in harmony and peace, see to it that you are not causing pain to your fellow human. Some people today have understood their place, they know where they should be and they are there but they turned away from humanity and God and pleasing themselves. They no longer have human feeling, this thwart in thinking right has caused several leaders in the country to care less about the situations outside , greediness is now the order of the day. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, a reward awaits you, whether you do good or otherwise. But it is wise to help matter and not make it worse, you will reap what you sow. No pain is small, pain is pain, don’t cause pain to others, you are made in God’s likeness, live your life that way.

Understanding My Place


Last week we were able to establish the facts behind the two genders. What they both stand for, their pride and what they symbolize.

Often time, one way or the other, you might have wished to be a man or any situation could have warrant you to seriously or jokingly wished to be a woman, being a man. It is an insult of the highest order to have ever wished for such, who are you clay to question the potter “why did you make me like this”. Or you are like “why am I in Nigeria, why not the US”, “why am I in the US, why not somewhere else? “, such and such wishes have flowed through the minds of million and escaped through the mouths of thousands. It is embarrassing to question who you are or where you are. Oh! Would you have possibly wished to be a goat or fish? Perhaps chicken, that people kill for christmas? Or a cow? You will probably have graced a wedding occasion after being boiled and fried. It is like giving a begger a thousand dollars, and he is still complaining, the worst he is expected to do is to say “Thanks”.

You are a product of God’s purpose, He had something in mind, and so thought of making you, and here you are, He made you! As a man and as a woman.


The Lady Vs The Lad

Debate often arise on the subject of the superior between the two genders. In high schools and collegs and other institutions that debates. It usually goes this way “A male child is better than a female child”. That is when some people gets to defend their gender, lots and lots of  points is drawn out or spoken to support personal view on the subject. We even go all the way in surfing the internet to know who is indeed better than the other. That was when a confident lady arose and said “What a man can do, a woman can do better”, and another man arose and opposed “stop deceiving yourself, a woman can’t do what a man can do”. I wonder how God’s countenance will be when we argue on these stuffs, can you take a minute and imagine yourself the expression in God’s face when we argue and fight over these things. It is all about understanding your place, as I explained last week, when you understand your place, you will see that there is no point in comparing the one with the other because they were made in God’s image, according to His perfect creativity and serve specific purpose. Look at this example, aircraft is very good and the fastest means of transportation, apart from having a phobia for flying, most people would choose aircraft over automobile, mind you, they serve different purpose, of course, we can prefer one to the other, an automobile can move on any ground suitable, that’s what it is designed for, on the contrary , an aircraft is designed to fly. It is a lack of good judgement to eradicate or move into extinct automobiles all because there is aircraft, aircraft can do what an automobile can’t do, and vice versa. So it is only fair to appreciate the two and put them in their place. Now know this, a man is not a woman and a woman is not a man. Embrace who you are and where you are.

The Lady and the Gentleman


I want to start a Series with us as regards the place of the lady and the man in the world, they are definitely not an accident, they have their roles and uniqueness. Follow the blogs as we ride on together.
When someone is being called a Lady, it signifies something, what does it signify? A female gender with excellent character. What should be more excellent in the life of anybody if not the character. Character alone can push you to your destiny either good or bad. In this case I would even love to call a day old girl a lady because my greatest hope is that she becomes one, she is a potential lady, even an old woman, it doesn’t matter how aged she is I consider her a lady, though she’s old but it’s not bad to call grandma a beautiful young lady, I bet she will blush. That was on a lighter mood
One amazing thing is the fact that God made her, wow! What a wonderful thing to be made by God. Though she was made with the purpose of being an helper, what a great purpose that is! Did God planned to make men only? We will find out later. No animal was suitable as a companion for Adam. Then God made her, dear sister, you’re a big deal. She is not some alternative, she is a NATION, she was made because of a man, YES!, no doubt about that she was made to be an helper, what more can you be than someone that helps others, if you claim to have a purpose that is not helping lives but rather the opposite, you need to check it. Your purpose must serve others and help them, if you’re not helping matter, you’re sure making things worse. Adam was the first man on earth, we could call him the first world , so the world was incomplete without an helper, known to be a lady. Everybody needs help, even the richest man needs the help of the poor man. Dear sis, you are created to help matter , what a glorious destiny. This is not first of all about your husband or your children, but the fact that you have a precious seed in you, you have a place in destiny, in life, in your home and many places . someone could ask, “this same Eve, madam helper, ended up causing problem in the garden, what about that?”, this question has caused so many debate, but we are not going into that for now. Just know that, God has forgiven Adam and Eve, they both received their share of punishment, but God is a God of second chance, He is giving you the opportunity to know who you really are and your place in the world.

Often time the world reckons with the first man or woman to do certain things. Before they reckon with the second or third, the study must be a wide one. Gentlemen, your kind was the first on earth. You knew God first, you met the animals first, you even named them. That is really great. The man Is the head, highly respected anywhere, any day. God has entrusted in your hand a responsibility to lead. If there is a war, and the war leader at the war front is killed, what is the hope of the other soldiers? , they may need to run for their life. That is how powerful it is to be the head and a great task it is. God is commiting several lives into your hand . You are an object of strength. You are more than a boy if you’re still a teenager, carry that mentality that you’re a man. You don’t have to wait till you get married before you start doing things like a man. This is not pride or some boast. But if you will be the head, you need wisdom. Wisdom is what makes you a man, if you’re not wise and yet you call yourself a man, that’s just figure head of the highest order. Dear gentleman, the world is depending on you. Don’t dissapoint. Being a gentleman is another thing, being gentle does not symbolize you not talking, there are gentlemen that are outspoken. What matters is that a gentleman comport himself , He is different from others. He thinks the way God wants him to think, he has a mind of responsibility, he respects others, he is loving and lovely too. He see to the affairs of his life, and carry the burdens of others, and most importantly, he always put God first. There is more to being a man than what the name implies. And there is more to being a lady…
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If “Fish” Were Happy

“Being a professional fisher man, even though I’m not learned, but I learnt everything there is to know  about Fishing” , says a fisherman. I sell big fishes, and I have a good reputation and records with fish vendors and eaters, I worked  hard and I have my  luck. This fateful day I didn’t only went  to the sea, I went with two other young fishers, this was their first time with me. Just like I’ve always done, I knelt down to pray, the two fishermen watched in amazement. I cast the net into the “waters”, I pulled it, so heavy, and I thought I have my luck again today. They joined me in pulling it out, then we went to the river bank to separate the fishes, but Alas! There were fishes indeed but “too small to count”  others were young sea animals that have no use for me. How sad I was. I took the little I got and threw away the rest. Then one of the young men said “have you experienced this before” I answered in affirmation. Then why do you look sad? , said the other young man. Am sad because these sea animals  would have served a good purpose if they were fishes but now, they can’t survive again and yet I can’t sell them nor eat them, I answered . Meaning  if fishes were happy being not only caught but sold, thus serving a purpose, it would be better for them than being thrown away and separated from the sea for nothing , serving no purpose, one of them said. And I wish they were fishes, they would have been happy  I said. This is the story that grandma Lois told Rose and Angela.


Rose : What is the moral lesson grandma?


Grandma : I should ask you that. Angela do you know it?


Angela : God is the fisherman, and we are the fishes, He will come one day to harvest the fishes, and He will separate the good fishes from the bad ones and dispose the bad ones.


Grandma : That’s great. So be the kind of fish God would love.


Written by Daprenita.


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My two legs

I wonder why we have things in pair, hands, nose, legs, lips, eyes, couples, the list goes on and on. If we had one leg, we would still walk, God will make it in such a way that we can still walk, but now that we have two, it is unimaginable to assume walking with a leg.

Walking is not effective when the two legs are moved at a time. And whichever leg you take first, it doesn’t matter, once it is one at a time. Often time, we are motivated to do so many things, that at the point of doing one, we are thinking about the others. Friends, with the whole of your heart, do one thing and be rest assured that if you learn to take a step per time, your walking becomes effective.