The Prince of Peace and the reason for the season


If there be peace in the world, how fortunate the human race would be. No need to pretend that there is war in the world. World War I and II  made a mark in history. There is still war. War is not all about uproar and wailing, bloodshed, soldiers in armour and fear all around. War is simply anything that fights peace.  One of the things I personally detest is lacking peace. As much as I like being alone, if there is no peace, I will be disturbed,  until I do the right thing or get an understanding. At times I end up sleeping, just to relax over it, but what happens when I wake up? The war continue from where it stopped.

 War, as you know it fights peace, it doesn’t really count if it’s little or not. One of the vital things man can ever enjoy is peace. It’s a pity money can’t buy peace, oops, no one sells it anyway. It’s a state of mind that carries other advantages . it’s already an advantage itself. Since war isn’t a thing of joy. The advantage it carries include productivity, you can be more productive when your peace is not altered. Creativity, creativity comes from the mind, once the mind is at it’s best state you tend to do more and think better. Boldness, you can stand to do whatever you want to do anytime you choose to do it without worry. And also boldness in entering God’s presence.

Peace even make you heathy. Fear, sin, guilt, misunderstanding etc, can alter ones peace. Everyone has his own worry. But why worry when the Prince of Peace is here. His reign is peaceful, you can be careless in His care, that is, you can trust Him over anything. He even said “my peace I give to you, not as the world gives”. So the world can give peace? But a temporal one . Jesus’  is the everlasting Prince of Peace . His peace is for  you and I .He is the Prince of peace. So many things will fight our peace. Things won’t be always smooth and easy. That’s why Jesus came in other to grant us peace as we go through the journey of life. it’s not that troubles will totally disappear but rather He will give the grace to handle It without fear.

The reason for the season | By Akinfenwa Daniel Tolulope

: The feeling that comes with the season of Christmas is so potent that it reflects the peaceful and humble nature of the being been celebrated and whose value to the human race cannot be overemphasized, but the tidbits of this great celebration should as well not be thrown to the wind for in them comes the strength and hope that awaits the human race.

Our saviour so important in personality was born by an individual who has little or no value to the society, so rich in power and wealth chose to be born in a manger, so magnificent in glory chose to be announced by shepherds, all of these done with the purpose of bridging the gap between man and our creator. However, we spend greater time making merry, which is as expected, than reflecting on the real reason for the season, the latter been the ultimate. Evading the scorching and unbearable effect of the heat  which is the evidence of the great sun that shines so bright in Summer season, the earth full of dry leaves, indicating the loss of lives of trees in the forest in the autumn season, the heavy rainfall that succeeds the sound of the awakening thunderstorms leaving the earth to swim in its misery in the spring season, Christ chose to come in a season so cold, yet comforting.

Christmas celebration falling at the last month of the year is no mistake at all for it gives us yet another opportunity to reflect on our actions in the previous hundreds of days preceding it, allowing us make resolution where necessary as we enter into a new year. Resolutions to love one another just as Christ first loved us, resolutions to give to one another just as Christ gave himself for us. 

It’s here again, yes Christmas is here again, a moment of celebration of Love. How pleasant will it be if alongside our celebration we take time to reflect on the reason for the season we so long took for granted, things so minute yet important, reflecting on the NUGGETS OF CHRISTMAS.


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